Henley Fringe Trust

The Henley Fringe Trust promotes the advancement of education in the art of theatre by the organisation of an annual Fringe Festival in Henley on Thames. It creates opportunity for local students and volunteers to become involved in theatre. The programme is devised to offer interests to all local and neighbouring persons of all ages. From children’s shows to musical theatre to stand-up comedy to Shakespeare. The Henley Fringe Trust create a platform for professional performers as well as offering a unique event in which the local community can benefit from the involvement with the shows; education of the show content and experience of professional theatre at affordable prices.

Other shows have more varied themes / content. This gives performers the opportunity to perform at affordable prices as well as allowing the community to benefit from the involvement with the shows; education of the show content; experience of professional theatre in the local town.

Tickets that are sold for the shows and prices are kept to a minimum. It is a split share. £2 returns to the charity to help raise funds. The remainder of the ticket sales supports the performers of each production.

The long term aim is to enable the Henley Fringe Trust to sponsor a show that will include local talent and give them a supportive / educational environment in which to perform.

The Henley Fringe Trust also seeks to provide local young performers with financial support in their pursuit of a career within this industry.

To apply: please send an introductory email about yourself to info@henleyfringe.org

The Henley Fringe Trust has a board of trustees who meet three times a year to discuss potential applicants, the summer event and the trust.