Film : Main Shorts 3


Seven thought provoking and spin chilling shorts from around the world. A mixture of comedy, drama and thriller.

Sunday 27th July, 1.00pm – 3.00pm
The Regal PictureHouse

Officially Selected Animation Films for Henley Fringe and Film 2014.

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The Henley Fringe and Film welcomes you to watch the Officially Selected Films at The Regal PictureHouse Cinema, Henley on Thames.

Below are the shorts for MAIN SHORTS 3:



During the 1995 local elections, a small village wakes up to graffiti scrawled on walls aimed at the exiting Mayor because of his support for the National Front. Maxime, a geeky looking teenager, claims to be the author of this act to gain the attention of Astrid, the girl he has fallen in love with.

Drone Strike

A day in the life of a devoted Father and serving RAF drone pilot. Juggling the normality of his domestic life with the warped reality of firing Hellfire Missile 4000 miles away in Afghanistan. How can one fateful decision shatter his conviction ?

posterPerfect Timing

10 year old Theo skips school and witnesses a crime while strolling through the forest. Being in the right place at the right time he profits from the criminals !







poster low rHello Sunshine

Kate is a perfect wife with a problem. After twenty five years her husband, Ralph, has left her for a newer model. She reaches out to her friend from the past, Vanessa. Vanessa, a 40-a-day force of nature with a drink problem, is everything that Kate isn’t – mouthy, impulsive and chaotic. She has a quick fix for Kate’s despair – vodka, grass and a road trip – and persuades Kate to take Ralph’s beloved classic Mercedes convertible. It’s a bumpy ride that turns Kate’s life around when she discovers what drives Vanessa’s lust for life.




the long drum

The Long Drum

In a small village, Thanh’s family has passed the sacred shaman’s drumming tradition from generation to generation. When Thanh’s only son dies, Thanh immediately begins searching for a new shaman to play the burial chant for his son. He must find a new candidate by sundown, or his son’s soul will forever be stuck in purgatory. He goes from person to person and each has a different reason for refusing his offer. When he finally runs out of candidates just before sundown, Thanh realizes he must face his grief before he can pass on the sacred tradition. “The Long Drum” is a story about loss and about tradition, where one man’s sorrow meets his sacred duty to keep his cultural practice alive.


Some Things Mean Something 

A man with learning difficulties believes a poem in a greeting card holds a secret coded message he must decipher.



The Jigsaw

The Jigsaw Short Film was inspired by an old ghost story that sent a chill through our spines when we just small boys. No one truly knows where the original story comes from but we knew that this story was well deserved of the big screen. “After weeks of writing and honing the idea, we had adapted the story and came up with a screenplay that we felt did justice to the spirit of that story that we knew and loved. We are proud to share that story through the magic of motion picture and hope that it gives the audience the same thrilling feeling that we enjoyed so many years ago.”

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The Regal PictureHouse

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